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Free Domain Transfer :
Domain transfer is a process in which you can transfer your existing Domain Name from its current Domain registrar/hosting company to another Hosting company/ registrar. During this process, if the website is Live, it remains functional.

Free Domain Pointing :
If you have hosting account from us and domain registration from other company then by domain pointing you can host your website on our server.

At Webhostingafrica , we provide all our existing clients with the facility of adding more domains to the already existing hosting account. This enables them to point their multiple domains to one hosting account. And what's more, the services are absolutely free of cost according to the package.

A few easy steps listed below would help you to activate the service :

Step 1: Take the back-up of your whole website including designing pages, E-Mail IDs and databases.

Step 2: Upload your website contents and create E-Mail IDs in our new server space through your ftp IP address and control panel..

Step 3: Finally, put our DNS (Domain Name Server) in your Domain control panel given by the billing department to point your Domain to our server.

Special Offer: Let us do all the transfer for you, No transfer costs we do it professionally.

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